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This page has links to some of our "fun stuff," including our popular Quote Page. We also have links to our history page and some of our social media pages.

About Us

Catherine Hood Consulting began in 2006. Catherine and Roxanne have over 40 years combined experience providing statistical consulting services and almost 35 years of experience in time series. Their time series experience includes seasonal adjustment (including setting models and seasonal adjustment options for production), statistical time series models, ARIMA and regARIMA modeling, forecasting, and outlier detection.

Our clients and projects are quite varied. We have set up seasonal adjustment processes for organizations like the American Forest & Paper Association. We have taught seasonal adjustment short courses at several Fortune 500 companies including Ford Motor Company. We have created statistical graphs for dissertations and sales forecasts for a wide variety of companies ranging from local fence manufacturing to large computer companies.

For more information on the company and on Catherine's and Roxanne's experience and backgrounds, please check out our history page or Catherine's full CV.

The Quote Collection

Catherine loves to read quotes, and she's collected her favorite quotes (most of them concerning time series or statistics) on her Quote Page.

Contact Us

You can reach us through our information desk at "info" at Catherine's email is "cath" at We try to answer all emails within 1 or 2 business days.

Social Media

You can also find Catherine Hood Consulting on Facebook and on Catherine's blog about her experiences in Luxembourg, starting a new life back in the US, and learning to run her own consulting company.

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