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Project-by-project Consulting

Do you have a time series that you would like to have seasonally adjusted or forecasted using statistical models? Do you need help setting up options for the various seasonal adjustment softwares available? We can help.

For specific projects, we will provide a free estimate after we have spent some time with you to discuss the problem and possible statistical solutions. We believe that solutions to your specific problems mean solutions that can be used in practice and in production, not just a research report. We can give you a cost estimate as soon as we understand your project and goals.

If the problem is small, we give advice for free. Try it out by e-mailing our information desk at "info" at

Subscription Service

For on-going seasonal adjustment and statistical forecasting projects, we offer a subscription service based on a fixed number of hours (minimum 20 hours) of detailed analysis help over the course of the year. Per hour rates are reduced for clients using the subscription service, and clients find that turn-around time is also reduced.

Seasonal Adjustment and Time Series Courses

For specific training needs inside your company, we offer an extensive list of courses for time series and seasonal adjustment. We believe it is important for anyone involved with seasonally adjusted series to recognize and understand the various movements present in time series and to understand the various components of a time series. In other words, seasonal adjustment doesn't have to be a "black box." Our courses target a broad audience: statisticians, economists, analysts, managers, decision/policy makers, or any one else interested or involved in seasonal adjustment. The content of the courses ranges from basic, non-technical courses to more advanced or specialized courses on seasonal adjustment methods and theory.

More information on the courses that we teach can be found on the Courses page.

We also have a web version of our introductory course, and we are working to get more of our courses available on the web. More information on this course can be found on the "Web Course: Introduction to Seasonal Adjustment" page.

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