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Catherine Hood Consulting specializes in statistical solutions for forecasting, data mining, and time series analysis, particularly in the area of seasonal adjustment.

Seasonal Adjustment Solutions for You

At Catherine Hood Consulting, our focus is on statistically sound methods you can use in production. Our services include both consulting and seasonal adjustment training, especially on the X-13ARIMA-SEATS, X-12, and TRAMO/SEATS seasonal adjustment programs.

Many government agencies collect and publish time series, and most of the sub-annual indicators are seasonally adjusted. Would you or your company benefit by gaining insight into the seasonally adjusted numbers published every month or quarter? Understanding seasonal adjustment can help us predict what various agencies will say about the economic indicators that they publish.

How does a year of pandemic affect the seasonal adjustments of published economic indicators? How can we forecast after a year marked by upheaval? We can help you answer these questions for your data of interest.

Our Services

Catherine Hood Consulting offers project-by-project consulting and a subscription service for monthly or quarterly seasonal adjustment and/or forecasting. We can also teach a wide variety of courses intended for a wide variety of audiences at your organization, and we have some of our short courses available online. For more information, please see our Services page or the Courses page.

Short of taking a course, check out our our free sample course "Why Seasonal Adjustment?" and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. We also have some links to some papers on seasonal adjustment and diagnostics and some free seasonal adjustment software.

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